About the Project

ALERT addresses common barriers to the environment, public protection, safety and security by covering all aspects of these challenges through protection, prevention and intervention.
On the one hand, the partnership will focus on preventive actions by setting up a cross-border environmental monitoring system, setting up preventive environmental activities and improving the availability of updated online information for private and non-governmental organizations. On the other hand, the partnership will focus on joint efforts to protect and intervene in risky areas of the environment and to manage emergencies caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or forest fires. This provides an important material part of the project consisting of specialized equipment needed for the protection of ecosystems, inhabitants and material benefits, which will improve the response of the responsible emergency teams. The specific objectives of the project are - monitoring the environment in all partner countries, raising awareness of natural risks in the countries, part of the program, and improving cooperation on environmental issues between local authorities and NGOs in disaster prevention and emergency management.